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Bmw M3 2008

By Sam Carson

The BMW M3 has an illustrious, rich, and long lineage since its inception back in 1986 to presently, it has included many distinct concepts and design of cars, and many distinct names from the original E30 M3 to the current M3 2008.  This is the forth generation of the M3 cars, it is designed and manufactured by BMW M GmbH aiming to breathe futuristic life into a new addition to a long family tree, with general high performance, comfort and safety.  The car was launched in 2007 with exceptional special features, supreme design concepts, and a lot of technological gadgets.  Its foundations are based strongly on the 3 series Coupe, and is set to carry on the legacy of both motorsport racing and on the road driving.  The M3 2008 has a very unique, superior character with excellent driving advancements that will make it a contender in the market and on the racetrack.

The new BMW M3 first priority is the issue of sophistication, and high quality everything and the interior is definitely no different as the perfectly mannered insides are available with a wide range of accents to fully customize it to the drivers individual tastes.  The choice of interior range from high quality colours, various materials, BMW individualized high-end audio system that tailored to the car, design eccentric paints, and latest drive enhancing gadgets.  It’s another car to utilize BMW lightweight construction technology to maximize movement, and aerodynamics.  The M3 2008 is the very first of the M3s models to have very innovative carbon fibre attributes, like that fact that carbon fibre used as a light weight component to decrease weight and lower the car’s centre of gravity, and a carbon fibre strengthened roof.  The car itself weighs in at 3649lbs, as the suspension and chassis are made out of aluminum, reflecting the further innovation of “intelligent lightweight construction”.

BMW has decided the new M3 be something reflecting the future, and therefore did something that they have never done before regarding a M3, and that is placing an 8 cylinder engine into the car.  The new engine has been design to displacing 3,999cc as a 4 litre V8, 8 cylinder attains a max power output of 420hp (309kW) with a torque of 400Nm (295lb-ft) at 3,900rpm.  But shockingly still, 85% of the V8’s climax torque is accessible to the driver all through the extraordinary speed sweep of 6,500rpm.  This remarkable development permits the driver to an euphoric driving experience, as the engine revs up to planes of 8,400rpm, giving faultless performances continually.  The transmission consists of a six speed manual gearbox with combined, temperature-connected oil cooling, mass inertia enhanced double-coated clutch, also featuring and interacting with “final drive”.  The M3 2008 accelerates from 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds, and has realized a top speed of 155mph.  And the achieved a weight per horsepower of 8.7lbs per hp, along with a power to weight ratio of 3.8kg/ hp.

The BMW M3 2008 power is suggestive to that of a thoroughbred racing car on the tracks.  The car is a complete athlete all around, both in looks and in driving ability and potential.  The M3 2008 is a real life powerhouse, that will live up to the trendsetting already done by its predecessors, and blaze a trail all its own.

About the Author:

Sam Carson loves to write articles about supercars.  You can find more of his work at his supercars site.  You will also find more information on the BMW M3.

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