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5 Mistakes Women Make With Men

By Elliot Beers

For some women, sustaining a worthwhile relationship with a man is almost like trying to win the lottery.  They have no trouble talking to men or even dating them, but for whatever reason they can not build enough attraction from their partners to keep them coming back for more.  Here are some mistakes women make that can send a man running in the opposite direction.

Too Much Information

While it is important to get to know the person you are dating, some women simply donít leave enough to the imagination.  If you find yourself talking about family problems and old boyfriends on your first few dates, then chances are that you are guilty of revealing too much.  The initial period of dating should be absolute bliss for both sides, and not dragged down by skeletons in the closet.

Not Enough Listening

It can be refreshing to meet new people and have the opportunity to share your opinions and dreams, just remember that your new man is also excited to the same.  Taking control of the conversation or forcing your ideals on someone is not romantic.  Make sure you provide adequate openings in your dialogue for responses.  A simple way to make sure you are not taking over the spotlight is to ask your date questions.  This will give them a chance to share their feelings without interrupting you.


Some women become so self-conscious about themselves that they stretch the truth about everything from finances to outside interests.  They want so badly to attract a good man that they believe saying what he wants to hear is the easiest route to take.  Of course this strategy may work for the first few dates, but ultimately the truth will come out and you will be exposed.  Being honest keeps your conscience clear and will help you meet someone with the same interests as you.

High Expectations

It is natural to be excited about the prospect of new love, but you have to be careful not to let expectations spoil the fun.  Guys donít want to hear about your plans for marriage and family life early in a relationship.  You have to attract them with your personality and charm before they will even consider a second date.  The bottom line is to let things progress naturally.  Not only can expectations eliminate a perfectly suitable candidate, but they take the spontaneity out of romance.

Controlling Yourself

The big secret to making a man want you is creating a curiosity or mystery about yourself.  You want him to fantasize about you and wonder which direction your romance will take him.  For this reason you need to lead him along slowly.  Control your passions and keep him coming back for more.  Be patient to see if he will wait for you.  If he does then you know you have the beginning of a strong attraction.

There is good reason why some women consistently falter with men while others seem to catch them like fish.  It is all about presentation and focusing on the natural male desires.  This means making him feel good about himself and keeping him guessing on what your next move will be.  Avoiding mistakes like talking too much and creating ridiculous expectations will give you the opportunity to set this strategy in motion.

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