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Pond Designs Ė Want A Waterfall In Your Backyard?

By Amy C

A pond is a beautiful thing to add to your yard or garden.  You can enjoy the beauty that comes with a pond, the amazing wildlife, and you can threaten to throw your spouse in it when necessary!

If you already have a pond, or if you donít, itís not hard to come up with some great waterfall pond designs that you will love.  Here are a few pond designs that look really beautiful.

If you already have a pond:

1. You will want your waterfall to come from one side of your pond.  You need to build this side up around a foot higher than your water level.

Line the area that youíve built up with plastic liner.  Depending upon the size of your pool, you can change your designs and the size of your waterfall.  These pond designs are for a smaller pond, around 4 feet by 5 feet.

2. You will then want to attach a piece of plastic tubing to your pump, and bring it up the side that you have built up.  Use large smooth rocks to build your waterfall.

3. Place the plastic tubing under the rocks to hide it.  If you end the tubing around 6 inches before the top of the rocks, the water will trickle out from between the rocks, which is beautiful.

If you donít have a pond:

1. Choose a great spot for your pond.  Dig your hole to the size that you desire, and then build one side up about a foot higher than where the water level will be.

2. Line the entire pond and the side that youíve built up with thick plastic liner.   You can hide the edges with flat rocks, and place some heavy rocks in the pond to hold the liner down.

3. Place your pump and filter in the pump, and attach your plastic tubing to your pump.   Bring this up the side that youíve built up, and surround it with smooth and large river rocks.

4. Fill the pond with water and youíre good to go.  You can add beautiful plants around your pond, and after a few days to let chemicals evaporate, you can even add some amazing fish.

A great resource for discount pond waterfall kits and supplies is - http://www.howtobuildapond.net/supplies/waterfall-pond-designs.html

Pond designs which include a gorgeous waterfall are simply breathtaking.  It is something you can enjoy every day, and itís easy to make as well.

About the Author:

Amy C is a pond fanatic and mother of four.  Visit her website How to Build a Pond to discover simple ways to create your dream pond quickly and easily.

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