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Are Collectible Porcelain Dolls A Game For Grown Up Girls?

By Ann Marier

Playing with dolls is almost every little girl’s favorite pastime and while some girls almost never totally give up their toys, others make a hobby out of it and collect collectible porcelain dolls.

What Makes Some Dolls Collectible Items?

Porcelain dolls have been a special item almost from the very minute they were invented.  It was never a toy for a little girl to play with but more for an adult to collect and treasure.  Collectible porcelain dolls are very delicate with unique features and carefully designed details.

Each and every little detail is taken in consideration when a collectible porcelain doll is appraised because any and every little damage especially to the face, which is the most fragile, will bring its value down on the collector’s market.

Types of Collectible Porcelain Dolls

The are a vast number of collectible porcelain dolls which make the treasures of a true collector, from baby dolls to dolls representative of different national costumes, the list and the fascination is endless.  Again, the details are what make one collectible porcelain doll more valuable than the other.

Manufactures at times make limited editions of a collection such as a batch that they would create for Christmas.  They would manufacture a limited number and will never reproduce it again.  Such items hold very high value on all collectible items no matter what they are stamps, coins or dolls.

Rare porcelain dolls are collector’s favorites even if at times they are not always found in the best condition.

Finding Collectible Items in your Neighborhood

You will be surprised to know that at times you can find real treasures at garage sales.  Usually people try to clean up their attic or just get rid of old items through which at times you can find amazing treasures.

Local papers sometimes advertise estate sales where again you can find some really good bargains.  Here folks usually sell items after someone has passed away and there is no family to claim the items or in some cases the family itself wants to dispose of the items that they have no use for any longer.  You never know where you may find your nest collectible porcelain doll so, just keep looking.

The Beauty of Collecting Toys

Collecting toys is one of the most beautiful hobbies there can be, it will always keep you young at heart, as you will be always admiring the beauty and innocence of the toys.  You will always be surrounded by beautiful items, which can only contribute to your happiness and well being not to mention the fact that a porcelain doll collection is a very valuable possession whose value is always on the increase, and therefore a worthy investment.

About the Author:

Ann Marier has written many articles on family life and different family health issues. Her latest articles tell you all about acquiring different "collectibles" for fun and possibly a profit

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