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Chromatic USB 2.0 Hub

(Approx.  euro14.63 or $17.91)

In this day and age of USB computer accessories we always seem to run out of USB slots! Solve this problem in a flash with this colourful USB hub!

Why, oh why don't they give us more USB slots on our computers? There must be some computer designer conspiracy going on!

It seems everything these days is powered or charged through our computer USB slots, for our cameras to mobiles, to speakers though to the computer mouse! Constantly switching gadgets is a 'pain in the you know what' so why not sort it out once and for all? Expanding your computer USB slots by 4, this fun, innovative USB hub folds up or stretches out its up to you!

Plug in you accessories and leave it at that - no more hassle, plugging and un-plugging, and lack of USB sockets for whatever you want!

Add a bit of colour and fun to your computer and make life easier at the same time!


* USB 2.0 USB hub
* 4 x USB sockets
* Size: 20cm x 4cm x 1cm (open)
* 4cm x 4cm x 5.5cm (closed)
* 80cm cord

Chromatic USB 2.0 Hub
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