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We're all going to Die !

By Ian Urie

Yes, it's really really true.
We are going to die.


From the furore in the media, you might expect the World is not going to have enough oxygen to last for 10 years.
I really do get angry over these so called environmentalists.
Those "do gooders".

We should cut back on transport, we should only eat organic produce.
We should protect the Earth, we've damaged it beyond repair.

Let's look at some of their decrees.
Try not to use aircraft, they produce lots of climate changing chemicals.
We COULD take high speed trains instead.
I'd like to see everyone going to Spain from Britain doing that.
There's a few days out of the holiday!
Not to mention the emissions caused by the sudden increase in rail traffic.


The climate is changing.
Yup, definitely appears to be.
Should we panic?
I doubt it.

Let's look at some of the facts.
We have expanded the population to the point we couldn't survive
without technology.
Without non organic produce.

The current scenario is that we must recycle, this will save the World.
That and renewable energy systems.


This WILL NOT save anyone.
It might help eke out a subsistence existence.
And that's not counting how many people would have to die as the Earth couldn't support them
with these energy levels and food production.

Is this what we want?

I think these do gooders are missing the point.
Humans are survivors because they alter their environment to suit themselves.
Without technology and science, we wouldn't survive the rigours of an awful lot of climates.

Children are dying throughout the world due to lack of food and lack of water.
The environmentalists don't want us to use "Frankenstein foods".
We have the science to create food that will survive harsh climates, survive the predation of insects,
survive the myriad of diseases it's prone to.


But, it's bad!
So, many more children die than is needed.
Ask the next do gooder that mentions GM food to you.

We could also manufacture lots of de-salination plants.
The world is 75% water, it is ludicrous that people die from lack of water
These could also help reclaim damaged ecology.
Of course, these would alter the climate balance, so they're bad as well.


Has anyone asked yet what all these wind and wave farms will do to the climate balance?
Remember "there's no such thing as a free lunch".
Everything has a cause and effect.

In years gone by, I read the Analog magazine.
This had a feature called  "The alternate view".
It's still going, so is the column.


This specialised in showing how we could do all those things that we needed.
The climate is changing for the worse.
It would look at ways to cause it to revert back.
Energy systems.
There's fusion. It's still being researched.
It could cure all out energy needs without highly toxic waste.


How about we build huge solar panels, in space?
We could microwave the energy back to Earth .
Technology is already around to do this.
Let's mine the comets and send it back to Earth.
The column also went into detail about terrafarming ,
that's changing nearby planets into viable pieces of real estate.

Now if that column could do it, why can't we?

Let's get rid of the doom sayers, the Luddites.
I don't want to live in a World without electricity, without the ability to fly to exotic destinations.
I want to be able to eat produce from foreign countries whenever I want.

Let's look at Alternate Views!!
I remember being shown the videos at college of the pollution in the Clyde.
How it was damaged beyond repair.
How it couldn't sustain life.


Surprisingly enough, we now have clean water in the Clyde and fish thrive in it.

Don't believe the hype !
We can change the World for the better,
but discarding science and technology will never
make anything better.

We require both if the human population is to survive and prosper.


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