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Finger Flick Punchbag

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Are you a brawny Super Hero, or a weedy Mega Wimp? Find out with this fairground-style Finger Flick Punchbag.

What's a fairground without some big bloke in braces trying to prove his strength by on the ‘ring the bell' game? And how many old films and sitcoms have you seen with some weed trying it out and collapsing under the weight of the hammer? If you think you're more winner than wimp, now you can prove it, with a new desktop game based on this classic strength test – the Finger Flick Punchbag.

The Finger Flick Punchbag is designed in classic fairground style, complete with flashing lights, cheesy music, gypsy caravan-style decoration and a ‘POW!' slogan. Rather than using a giant mallet, your task is to flick the punchball with your finger as hard as you can, hitting the target to get your strength rating.

If you're a lily-livered loser with a feeble flick, you'll suffer the humiliation of being branded a Mega Wimp. If you've got a bit more power, you might work your way up to plain old Wimp, or maybe even Mr Average. For those of you with a bit more brawn, you can aim for Tough Guy, Macho Man or the holy grail of Super Hero.

The Finger Flick Punchbag is perfect for wiling away dull lunchbreaks, humiliating your colleagues and releasing that work-day stress. And as a bonus, the punchball is the perfect size to attach a passport photo of your boss to...

Uses 2 x AA batteries, demonstration batteries included.

Finger Flick Punchbag
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