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Ever wanted to know what was going on on your computer? Track key strokes with this spy gadget!

This is a device that can be connected to a keyboard to record all keystrokes. It has a changeable password, keyword search, enable/disable option, and stores over a years worth of data!

Keyshark plugs in between your keyboard and your computer. A microcontroller interprets the data, and stores information in the non-volatile memory (which retains the information even when there is a loss of power.) This means that the Key Shark device can be unplugged, and the information will not be lost.

To access the recorded data, you simply type menu in a text editor and the Key Shark comes to life. A menu is displayed with options to erase data, view data, search data for keywords, change password, or disable the device.


·It is portable - move it from computer to computer.

·Installs in seconds - Just plug it in.

·Uses no system resources. Truly runs in the background.

·Works with all PC Operating Systems with PS/2 keyboards.

·Data is retained even during system lock-ups and power outages.

·No Software to learn. Use in conjunction with programs you already know.

·Fully undetectable and can store 1 years of data. 2MB version

·Records password and every keystroke ever pressed including special characters

Possible applications

·Monitoring children internet activity

·Monitor staff activity (with permission)

·Useful for computer coders incase of power failure and computer error.

·Find out useful information


Can I retrieve keystrokes on another computer?
Yes, the KeyShark device can be unplugged at any time and moved. It can record the keystrokes on one machine, and retrieve them on another.

Can I unplug the device at any time without losing the keystrokes?
Yes, the KeyShark uses a flash memory which doesn't need batteries and will save the information.

Does the KeyShark work on a USB keyboard?
No, KeyShark only works with PS/2 keyboards, and older DIN style keyboards (larger round plug, which requires adapters DIN-PS/2).

Does KeyShark record "special" keys too?
Yes. The KeyShark stores all keys including function, special and arrow keys typed on the keyboard, even key combinations. KeyShark record also exact sequence of typed keys.

Does KeyShark work on other systems than Microsoft Windows?
Yes. KeyShark is hardware device, totally OS independent it means that it can work with any operating system including: DOS, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Linux, OS/2, Sun Solaris, BeOS.

What are minimal system requirements?
PC computer with PS/2 port (currently most used standard) or DIN (requires adapter DIN<>PS/2)

Is it possible to recover memory after erase?
No it isn't possible.

Will someone be able to read or change KeyShark memory content?
No. It's not possible to delete part of data or replace by other data because KeyShark stores encrypted data in real time. Only "backdoor" is a password which user chooses.



KeyShark keyloggers are not intended for breaking into computers or for causing harm. As the seller, we do not take any responsibility for damage or harm caused by misuse of our product. User takes responsibility to obey all effective laws in his/her country, which may prohibit usage of such product. Always inform the user that they are being monitored if the KeyLogger is inserted.

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