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By Ian Urie

Music companies have been thrashing about for some time now, suing people for downloading music.
They still haven't come up with a viable model to sell music to the masses and keep their profits.


On the other hand, people are always wanting to listen to music.
How would like to listen to music that you like, and nearly always music that you would like?
I'll explain, because it sounds quite complicated.
Last.fm uses music scrobbler.
there are music scrobbler plugins for the more popular players on the site , or simply use their own downloadable player.
I'm lucky in that Amarok already has music scrobbler built in.
This informs Last.fm when you listen to music on your computer.
It then forms a profile of your listening tastes.
It has a radio, or you can play the stream through your own media player and it will
play music that it thinks you will like.
Of course, the main idea is that you will buy the music you hear.
It links to sites that will sell you the music that you hear.
There, not too complicated, is it?


For instance, here's my profile on last.fm.
Your profile will show "charts".
It will also have two radio stations, one of the music you like,
and one that will play recommendations based on your taste.
These can show your most popular artists, songs, latest music etc.
You can download widgets to embed in your website,
it will show users who have similar musical tastes, friends on last.fm.
You can also view videos of artists and last.fm is now starting its own service that will allow you to buy music directly.


You also have a journal, concert dates, tags, there's lots to do.
It is strangely addictive.
Have a try at it, you might find yourself entranced as well.


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