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                           The Other Mans Shack.

Hi there, it's your resident AMIGA nutter here again... :)

Well I am the licence holder of the local Amateur Radio Club, G3RAL.
The 'Loughborough And District Amateur Radio Club', in the UK.

Every so often we have what is known as 'The Other Mans Shack', which is
a short lecture from a guest speaker about his/her Amateur Radio Station.

Well a few years ago on a couple of AMIGA MLs, (Mailing Lists), I decided
to try this out in terms of computer geeks and their 'shacks' and what
their computer 'stations' looked like.

I posted pointers to several pictures of my 'computer shack' and it
generated quite a stir and soon other members posted images of their
set ups also. It was very successful......

So, this is my 'computer shack' panned around the room where I sit and
develop my simple AMIGA projects. Note my main machine is my A1200. My
ME/DSL PII is here, my A600HD is here, My Spectrum +3 is here, our XP P4
is downstairs, my dual core  XP/Knoppix/WinUAE notebook is downstairs
and our dual core Vista only laptop is downstairs also.

Now please readers, send the magazine some photo's of your 'shacks' and we
will publish them in the mag'. Make the pictures around 640x480 in size
and 256, (8 bit), colours minimum palette.

The pictures DO NOT have to be AMIGA biased, BUT, MUST have at least one
or more computer(s) in the photo', include yourself in the photo' if at
all possible.. :)

If you are unsure of where to send your photo's the send them to my Email


......with a subject line of:-

                 TOMS photo(s).

If this subject line is not shown then it will automatically be deleted
from my email downloads. TOMS == The Other Mans Shack... :)
The photo's should be in JPG, PNG or GIF format preferably but IFF is
also suitable as well.

IF you wish to say a few words about your 'shack' then write it in the
email body and I/We will ensure that it stays with your photo(s).
IF you do something unusual with your computer station then let us know
with a write up about it and we would gladly publish it so long as it
'clean'... :)

Now let's see some of your geeky computer setup(s)... :)




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