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Ultimate SAS Spy Cam

(Approx.  euro176.33 or $215.91)

UK FIRST! Introducing possibly the smallest video and audio recorder in the world – the Ultimate Mini SAS Spy Cam.

It's one of the tiniest and best covert surveillance device that's available. The KGB, CIA or MI6 might have smaller ones but if they do they're certainly not talking about it and they definitely won't sell you one!

The Ultimate SAS Spy Cam is small enough to conceal in almost any location. You could put it inside a pack of chewing gum or cigarettes and it'll quietly record everything that's going on in its line of sight. Even if you simply placed it somewhere unobtrusive, chances are it wouldn't even be noticed!

With a record time of up to four hours per charge, the Ultimate SAS Spy Cam records 3GP video files onto a Micro SD Card that can be played back on a computer or mobile phone. Colour video and voice recording lets you clearly see who's there and what they're saying.

The Spy Cam is a great alternative to conventional CCTV for the times when you don't want people to know they're on camera. Self-contained, and with no cables to hide, it's perfect for all sorts of covert surveillance and ideal for journalists, private investigators, or businesses that want to keep an eye on the cash register if the figures don't add up and they suspect someone of being light-fingered.

Spy Cam has other uses too. Perhaps you've hired a nanny or babysitter and want to make sure that they're doing their job properly. A discreet recording would be a good way to know whether you can trust them to look after your family. It's also ideal for wildlife enthusiasts who want to film a rare animal or bird with the minimum disturbance, for example.

Catch out your mates when they're at their worst too! Set the Spy Cam to record parties or have someone conceal one in their shirt when out on a Stag Night, and you won't have to wonder just what the hell happened and exactly how much you had to drink to get in such a state – it'll all be there on camera to enjoy (and embarrass everyone with) later!

We've got another suggestion for the Spy Cam. It seems like every starlet, heiress and footballer's wife wannabe has a ‘leaked' sex-tape out there on the Internet. Of course, it would be very wrong to record something like this and then leak it without someone's knowledge, but c'mon – most of them had to know exactly what they were doing, right? So, if there are any starlets, heiresses or WAG wannabes out there who're looking for the right tools for the job, the Spy Cam could be just the ticket to fame they're after!

Of course, you don't have to hide your Spy Cam. Its small size makes it great for travel, and it can be kept in your pocket for all of those moments when you want to record something when on the move. Or you could tape it to your helmet or attach it to clothing whilst skydiving, on horseback or when riding a motorbike. It's an ideal way to get extreme footage when doing extreme sports. Or, perhaps you could clip it to the front of your car's sun visor to capture a perfect day's drive. And halfway up the side of a mountain would be a wonderful place to film, but any other video camera would probably get in the way, when you'll barely notice a Spy Cam!

Its tiny size and simple operation make the Spy Cam ideal for a variety of uses.

Whatever you do with it, you'll know for sure you won't miss a thing!

Technical Information

·Video Format: 3GP video format. 176x144 QCIF @ 15 frames per second

·Voice Recording: Yes

·Micro SD Card/T-Flash Card Support: 128MB to 2GB (card not included)

·Recording Mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or the cam is manually switched off.

·Video File Size: >300KB per minute

·Weight: 18g


·Adaptor Type: USB Adaptor charging cable (can also be used for file transfer)

·Battery Type: Lithium Ion

·Record Time: Up to 4 hours

Please Note:

The Mini Spy Cam has no internal memory and requires a Micro SD or T-Flash card, which is not included.

Ultimate SAS Spy Cam
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