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Points To Remember When You Are Ordering Your Wedding Cake

By TM Lung

There is no doubt that the wedding cake is the most essential item and focus of a wedding reception.  A badly chosen cake can ruin your prefect planning.  You can always refer to the following points when you are ordering your wedding cake.

Try the cake yourself

You will need to make appointments with the bakers in order to try the cakes they make.  Normally, the baker will invite you to taste the cake they make.  You can also ask questions about the cake.  By doing that you will know if the cake made by the baker is good or not.  You will also approach different bakers for trying the cakes in order to find the most suitable baker.

Cream or sugar crystal

Most couples will have either cream or icy sugar crystal for their wedding cake.  In fact, cakes with cream can be more delicious.  On the other hand, sugar crystal can give the cake a smoother outlook.  It does not mean that sugar crystal does not taste good.  As a result you can choose either you will have cream or sugar crystal by your preference.

Ingredients that have to be refrigerated

This is important if you are going to have an outdoor wedding, especially a beach wedding.  You will probably have your wedding in a hot environment.  You should never use ingredients such as whipped (and of course ice-cream) since they can melt very fast in a hot sunny day.  If you insist on using these ingredients, you should make sure that your cake will be refrigerated until the time you will cut it.

Never order based on the photos in the magazines

Technology nowadays is so advanced that you can make a photo of a wedding cake very elegant by using computer software.  Without any surprise, photos in the magazines are usually edited and retouched in order to make the magazines look better.  As a result, you should not order your cake just based on the photos you see in the magazines.  You should consult and discuss with your baker before you make the decision.

Details of the cake

You will certainly decorate your cake.  Some economic and usual choice of cake ornaments are fruit and fresh flowers.  Besides, you may also choose resin and sugar flower to make your cake look richer visually.  However, the cost of the cake will probably be higher when you add more decorations to it.  You should take a balance between the bill and the visual effect of the cake.

Fresh flower as decoration material

You may probably hire a flower stylist in your wedding.  He or she can help you a lot if you are going to use fresh flower to decorate your wedding cake.  In this case you should arrange a meeting for your baker and flower stylist so that they can help you to decorate the cake without any misunderstanding.

Hygiene and safety

Hygiene and safety should be the number one issue to consider when it comes to something we will eat.  This is also true for your wedding cake.  As a result you have to ensure that the decorations will not “pollute” the cake.  You also need to make sure that there is no pesticide on the flowers if you are using fresh flowers to decorate you cake.

About the Author:

TM Lung designs Chinese Wedding Invitation Cards. He shares Expert Wedding Tips and views on ideas such as Chinese Wedding.

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