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Camera & MP3 Sunglasses



Save 10! Was 99.95. Play MP3's and take pictures with these amazing sunglasses! Never have to carry around several bit of equipment again.

These sunglasses cleverly let you can take pictures of anything you see without having to carry around a separate camera. Perfect for taking pictures during activities where you need to use both hands, such as skiing, mountain biking or other extreme sports and ideal for indulging those James Bond spy camera fantasies!

They also allow the wearer to listen to music as they've got the additional bonus of featuring a built in mp3 player. Discreet headphones are attached that can be hooked out of the way when not in use.

In addition to all the gadgetry, they're also excellent sunglasses too, with a high quality lightweight frame and UV400 polarized flip-up lenses that can also be swapped for un-tinted clear lenses to act as eye-protection during sports or if you simply want to use the camera or music function when it's not sunny!

A small remote control unit that can be attached to ski poles, bicycle handlebars or kept discreetly in a pocket is used to take snaps. And a USB 2.0 interface via a standard Mini USB cable is used for uploading music and downloading pictures as well as re-charging the internal battery.


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