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Chicken in the Heather

Here is a simple recipe using clear heather honey and other flavours to create a tasty roast chicken dish.  While heather honey is the best, other clear honey will suffice.


One whole chicken, minus giblets
3 fluid oz (90ml or under half a cup) light cooking oil
4 fluid oz (125g or half cup) clear heather honey
Salt and pepper (freshly ground black pepper if you have it)
3 oz (100g) French mustard
Half teaspoon curry powder  (yes, curry powder)
One clove chopped garlic

Preparation Method:

Place the chicken in an oven-proof casserole dish.  Mix all the other ingredients together and pour over the chicken.  Cover the dish and cook in a pre-heated oven at 375F/190C/Gas Mark 4 for an hour.  Baste the chicken thoroughly with the juices and sauce and return to the oven for another half hour uncovered.  The chicken will brown as a result.  Serve with boiled or creamed/mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

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