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Cyber Clean - The Gadget Cleaner


If you have any gadget, camera, phone, computer or whatsit that needs a clean, dust, or disinfect this is a must have!

Studies have shown that our gadgets have more bacteria on them than some loos, so maybe its time to have a good clean of all those gizmos.

This goo is really amazing! It cleans cavities where conventional cleaners fail and kills germs, enhancing the performance of your keyboard and other devices.

Tests around the world have proven that keyboards have a higher accumulation of germs than public toilets and often store tremendous amounts of waste (such as hair, dead skin, food-rests etc.)! Those can harm the performance of the device and also harm your health.

Cyber Clean is the solution!

Cyber Clean is a revolution in the non-mechanic cleaning of cavities on nearly all surfaces. Dust and harmful bacteria are absorbed safely into the compound while it cleans and kills germs due to its unique formula. Micro-bacteriological tests have proven that Cyber Clean can kill up to 80% of germs due to its unique formula! Thanks to the perfect connection of viscosity and elasticity no residue will be left on the surface or on your hands.

The innovative Cyber Clean cleanser will be used where other cleaners fail.

Here are a few examples how you can use Cyber Clean: PC / Mac keyboards, mobiles, phones, organizers, printers, and mouse pads, cameras, MP3-Players. We have also tried it on a few more unconventional things like shoes, plant leaves, desks and it works like a charm.

 To use it all you need to do is press your Cyber Clean onto the dirty item. The dirt sticks to and is lifted of the offending item. You can use it over and over, so its great to have lying around your home, office or when you travel.

Top to it all off Cyber Clean is also biodegradable!


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