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Film Scanner


This digital film scanner can take 35mm slides or negatives and easily convert them into modern digital image files. Got all those old pictures and get them into the digital age!

Does anyone remember what we used to do before we had digital cameras? The whole big hassle of loading film, and getting it developed, and having to wait days for it to be developed?

Well, film and slides were around for a long time before digital cameras so there are loads of people out there with some amazing pictures that aren't getting the showing they deserve.

Perfect for anyone with older relatives who have family photos they want to share in a modern way, professional photographers who grew up with film but now want to put their best work online, or archivists who have film collections that are decaying due to the ravages of time.

This handy gadget can bring old film and slides right up to date by scanning them at high resolutions and then converting them to jpegs, or a range of other useful digital formats.



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