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Secunia PSI

Submitted - By Ian C Fyvie

Secunia PSI is one of the most important pieces of software that I have installed on my computer system,  However Most computer users have probably never heard of it.

So .. What IS Secunia PSI ... Well the secret is in the PSI ... Personal Software Inspector.

Secunia PSI is free software that runs in the background in your computer, and warns you of any program that has an upgrade available. Why is this important? ... Well .. a great many Spyware/Virus/ and trojen software take advantage of the vulnerable state of of YOUR Software/programs that have the ability to go online.

Now ... take a moment to think of what software you have installed on your computer that has the ability to go online. OK ..It might be for updates but the program still goes online, And if your online you are liable to be attacked by hackers.

If you install Secunia PSI .. it will scan your computer and advise you of any software upgrades available for your installed programs and even provide you with a simple button to install the upgrades for that program. How cool is that?

Running Secunia in simple mode will probably help update your computer software, but run it in advanced mode may scare the crap out of you. Did you realise that your system was so behind the times?

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