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The End Key

What does the End key do?

How many people actually look at the computer keyboard, sure all the letter & Number keys are there, But there is some other keys that can make life a little easier.

Then End key, usually located somewhere on the right side of the keyboard, does different things, depending on the program you're working in.  When you're working online, press End and you will go to the end of the page  (press Home to get back to the top).

Looking at a list of your files in a folder, press the End key to get to the bottom of the list.

In some programs, like your word processor, press End to move the insertion point to the End of the line.   Hold down the Ctrl key and press and release end to get to the end of the document.

Give it a try.  Remember, the Home key will always bring you back to the beginning again.

Note:  On some laptop computers, you may see End on a key in either blue or yellow.  If so, hold down the Fn key (look over to the left) and then press and release the End key.

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