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Recently, I had to  get rid of spyware on a mate's computer which was, let's say,
underperforming because of it.
I tried the usually tried and trusted Search and Destroy as well as Ad-Aware, to no avail.
Then I came across this while searching for other anti spyware software.
The scan isn't particularly fast, but it is thorough and it cleaned that machine where the others failed.
let's see some grabs of it.


The first page where you decide whether to do a full or quick scan of your drives.
I should mention that this version is Freeware and can be used forever.


This is a very important page. MalwareBytes is updated frequently.
Always do an update before you do a scan.
The update sites are selectable from the tab.........so you don't need to search for anything.


A quick click on the button and away it goes.


You get a small box to tell you which version of database you have been updated to.


This is a way to repay the authors of MalwareBytes and also gets you the resident module.


As you can see, I've been using it for a while now, and it found a trojan.


A simple settings page, why would you want to uncheck any of these?


Malwarebytes also runs on Vista, this was grabbed running XP.
If you do find a bug, let the authors know and collect the information they will need to fix the problem.
It could be a false positive, or an actual fault.
To date, I haven't found any flaws.
The FileAssassin tool is included and can be a Godsend if you can't delete a file from your system.


A simple about page with the credits and a link to their website.
Every time you do a scan of your drive(s), MalwareBytes, as per the settings, will launch a report of its actions for you to read.
As I say, this managed to remove files where S&D and Ad-Aware failed.
If you decide to add any software to your machine, make this program one of them.
I've found it invaluable.
Buy it and help keep spyware out of your hair!

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