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Ode To Vista.

I though I`d write this useless rap,
About that bloated Vista crap,
If it don`t lock then you`re a lucky bod,
If it does then expect one nasty BSOD.

What`s a BSOD you might ask,
`Bloody Stupid OS Dumps`, Vista`s FINAL TASK,
A screen to test your stimulation,
Full of useless effing information.

With this useless effing information you give a hoot,
You can do f**k all about it... `cause you have to coldboot,
EA, 5B on the screen are but a few...
Of the numerous hieroglyphics to confuse you.

The experts say, OUCH, yer`ve knackered the kernel,
Also probably the file-system journal,
But you thought colonels were in the army.
Maybe it`s you just going barmy.

What file-system is in use?,
NTFS, and not open to abuse,
`Not That F***ing Splendid` that is for sure,
When it`s buggered there is no cure.

Goodbye Vicar, your files have gone,
Those hieroglyphics are `Second To None`...
To `Piss You Off` big time telling you nowt,
Only for you to give your PC one huge clout.

You cry, praying you can get all that work back,
No effing chance with Vista`s biggest crack...
The BSOD; Vista`s LARGEST hole,
With Vista about no need to worry about any mole.

So now we come to the Office suite,
And write our letter with Word 2007, neat,
Save it as we normally would,
And won`t open in earlier versions, Oh GOOD!.

It has an extension called DOCX,
This is even rarer than marital sex,
Keep it up Microsoft, annoy your user,
Sooner of later, you`ll become the loser.

If you don`t pay there is no change,
All you get is the `DOCX` range...
Of file extension(s) for you to treasure,
Believe me, it`s no effing pleasure. :/

You have the option to compress it,
WHY? Ain`t there enough room for it to fit?...
On that 1 TerraByte hard disk store,
Come on Vista, `WE WANT MORE`.

So you generate your wonderful document,
Press the `Save` and hope it`s been sent...
To your massive disk drive which is your God,
Only to get that effing `BSOD`.

`Microsoft Office is desiged to work together...
With Windows` in one way or another,
WRONG, they design their software, always to...
Do nothing simple, except to effing annoy you.

So I`ll finish off with this verse,
Saying sorry for being so terse,
As all of this is abolutely true,
As it happened to my daughter too.

(C)18-01-2008, B.Walker.

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