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Have you ever noticed how much like animals we are?
Many things that we do put us on much the same par.
Like being as "Weak as a kitten "or "As strong as an ox "
Or perhaps being "As quiet as a mouse"or "as sly as fox,"

Someone who misses the point being "As blind as a bat"
Anyone leaving a sinking ship being likened to a "Rat."
A "Snake in the grass"is someone who is underhand
And we all know "An ostrich with its head in the sand,"

Your "As proud as a peacock"or "As stubborn as a mule"
If any one gets very irate they are called a "Raging bull."
You can be "A wise old owl"or even "A dirty dog"
Or have the "Strength of a lion"or a "Greedy hog,"

"An elephant that never forgets"is a figure of speech
Or a person who won"t let go is said to be a "Leech"
What about being called "As mad as a March hare"
Or perhaps "As bald as a coot"and having no hair.

As "Happy as a lark"being as "Free as a bird"
"Lively as a cricket"is another we have all heard.
You can be as "Sick as a parrot"or a "Cheeky monkey"
The list is never ending of the animals we could be.

Copyright - Maisie Walker 2001 - All rights reserved

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