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A new Portal version is now available (version 251).  If you're new to upgrading then run your Vulcan Portal, open the 'upgrade panel' and within press the 'upgrade portal' button.  It's all automatic and once done you'll have the very latest version.  One new feature is the ability to define your WebPageLinks with the (php) extension.  For all the details on this new Portal version, click here:

Valhalla Classics (episode 10)

We have just released episode 10 of the Valhalla Classics for playability within your Portal.  Entitled, 'The Village of Evesland' this episode is the second part of the adventure set in the time period known as the Fortress of Eve.  Once again you play mentor to King Garamond II on his quest to find a wife.

This episode features over 400 phrases of digital speech and Vulcan believe it has some of the funniest comments so far.

For more information on this episode, click here:

This episode is priced at 4 pounds which is approximately 6 dollars and you'll need at least Portal version 251 to request, purchase and download the episode.

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