Christmas Revisited

By B.L.Cann


The tourism trade in Jerusalem
Was not the way it is back then,
Folk didn't move about too much,
To find a room - an easy touch!
Two strangers knocked upon the door,
Seeking to find an empty floor,
But there was no room for their bed -
They had to settle for the shed!


With garden implements all round,
They slept together safe and sound,
Until a bloke with wings appeared-
No wonder they were quite affaird!
"It's cool - O.K.?" was what he said,
As they stared up from their straw bed,
"A message have I brought this night",
Joe said "Yeah, sure, that'll be right!"


"Mary this night will have a child"
Joe looked at him all kind of wild,
"And He will be marked by a star,
To guide visitors from afar"
"Whose business is it that you keep,
Decent citizens from their sleep?"
Joe rumbled in a mighty roar,
As he gave the winged bloke right what for!


At this the spectral bloke arose,
And disappeared before Joe's nose,
Great light flooded in from without,
With animals gathered all about.
"What sort of hotel's this to keep
Their patrons mixed with cows and sheep?
Asking them to sleep in a manger,
Visited by a complete stranger?"


Time passed and forth came three wise men,
Who hung around till who knows when,
To leave presents and see their child,
By now Joseph was really wild.
By now the star was fading fast,
The night was o'er to morn at last,
Joe said "We'll not be staying here;
They do not even serve cold beer!"