Welcome to our first issue of the Magazine in 2004.  What do we have in store for you in Issue 34? .. Well once again a full section with helpful tips on your computers  (PC or Amiga).  Are you fed up with the high costs of printing out your digital photographs?  perhaps we can offer a suggestion.

We have our usual selection of Jokes  (All animated for greater enjoyment).  For the "Budding" Chefs amongst you, we show you how to create wondrous garnishes that will delight your diners.

In TRIBES you can read all about the Native Americans, Check out the article on scalping ...You may be shocked!  Read the sad story of the decline of these mysterious people.

Once again we team up with Boys Stuff and bring you a fantastic collection of gadjets .. How about a "Fish mouse"

Steam Railway enthusiasts can read Barry's excellent article about the Famous Flying Scotsman .. or if you are not interested in steam Engines check out some of his wonderful poetry.

In our featured Website section we have a couple of beauties for you ... Want to translate a foreign website or email ... Thinking of buying or selling a car .. Find out all the detail only in this issue of the CRYPT Magazine.

All in all the CRYPT 34 has something for everyone, regardless of your tastes.


Ian C Fyvie (Editor)
RIYAN Productions.

RIYAN Productions