Fish Handheld Mouse

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The traditional PC mouse is dead.  Long live the Fish - the handheld mouse you can use anywhere.

The Fish Mouse is a dolphin-shaped gizmo that works just like an ordinary mouse, but with none of the drawbacks.   The Fish has the standard rollerball and two buttons, but because it's handheld, you don't need the space you need for a conventional mouse.  It's ideal for use with a laptop, especially when travelling.   In limited space on a train or at a hotel room table, it's perfect, and far more effective than what passes for a mouse on most laptops.  If you're used to fiddling with one of those daft little balls in the middle of your keyboard, the Fish will be a revelation.

And because the Fish isn't flat, you don't need a flat surface to use it.   Now you can actually use your laptop on your lap and enjoy the benefits of a proper mouse.   You can even use it standing up;  for example, when giving a presentation.  Why strain your back and end up looking like Quasimodo by the end of the day when the Fish is so easy and comfortable to use? And with a 2 metre cable, you can move around easily whilst using it too.

There's no need to spend ages configuring your computer to use the Fish Mouse.  You don't even need any software.  Simply plug it into any USB port and it's ready to use instantly.  And for those of you with older systems you'll be pleased to know that, unlike many gizmos of this type, the Fish works with Windows 95.

The Fish Mouse is the branchild of Big Brother stars turned inventors Stuart Hosking and Dean O'Loughlin.   Yes, not all BB contestants are dopes who don't know where 'East Angular' is.  It's amazing what you can dream up when you're trapped in a house with strangers 24/7.  And inventing a revolutionary new computer gizmo has to be better than inventing a dead wife to win sympathy  (and 75 grand of course.)

Check out the funky silver Fish, and you'll ready to set a mousetrap - the future of your PC has arrived.

Features and specifications:

System requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
Cable length: 2 metres
Track ball size: 18mm
Size:120 x 45 x 40mm
Weight: 90g

Fish Handheld Mouse
Boys Stuff Price: 19.95

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