Home Education

By - Baz Cann


Arguments and exclusions following on,
From the antics at school that our youngster has done,
Every time the phone rang, in depression we'd sink,
Excluded again - they're creating a stink.


Is it just adolescence that is kicking in,
That's causing us misery, pain and chagrin?
Or could it just be that he has attitude?
Whatever it is, it's doing him no good!


He said once he "Wanted to be like his dad",
We looked at each other - we thought he was mad!
He insists on just learning what interests him,
His future's beginning to look a bit grim!


He has a new habit of sleeping all day,
It's better by far he keeps out of the way,
But everything comes with it's own price to pay,
We're kept awake nights, and shattered all the day!


He thinks he's not learning, not one single jot,
The truth is, he's learning a heck of a lot,
Domestic science is there always for a start,
Education is reached by the way to man's heart!

This morning we find a broken curtain pole,
With traces in the wall much akin to a mole,
Here's another lesson, as brick-dust does fly,
Another skill learnt; kiss holiday goodbye!

Though he's not aware, lessons are being learnt,
How to balance expenditure to what is earnt,
And every day brings a new, different task,
But is it too little, too late, we must ask.

He now can make coffee, so I have discovered,
I'll let you know later, when we have recovered,
Beginning to master cooking with microwave,
We hope he'll eventually learn to behave.

But in the meanwhile, if you see us about,
(We look sort of tired, and all washed out),
Just think what you'd look like, if you went through hell,
And chose to educate your kids at home as well!!!

RIYAN Productions