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The Ferret Speaks!

WOW,  Issue 52 AND Cryptmas, You lucky lot.  Yes Issue 52 of the famous CRYPTmag is of course our CRYPTmas edition.  Filled to the brim with exciting articles to keep you going over the Festive season.

To pass an hour or two, visit our CRYPTmas Carols page and listen to the very best of CRYPTmas music.  Who could ever forget the CRYPTmas classic "Who put the Dick on the Snowman?"  or  "Chipmunk's roasting on an open fire"  Ah!  the very best of festive sing-a-long songs.

Still, it is not all fun and festive fare.  We give you the chance to win the Amiga OS 4.0 For Classics!  Just send your mail in for a chance to win this great prize.

We have our normal helping of Windows tips, a large helping of crazy gadgets, some interesting facts about Christmas and our well known Jokes pages.

Yes something for everyone.

Well myself and the rest of the team are having a festive break,  but we will be back in 2008.  and bring you the best online magazine on the Internet ... The CRYPTmag.

Ian C Fyvie  Editor

RIYAN Productions

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