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Recycled Circuit Board cufflinks

(Approx.  27.86 or $34.11)

These amazing unique cufflinks are made with recycled circuit boards! Stylish and eco-friendly!

The world is becoming more and more loaded up with used computers – and there's not much we can do to recycle them – these just to may different materials mixed together.

We support any recycling we can and so when we found these amazing and stylish recycled circuit board cufflinks we jumped at the chance! Coming in red, blue, black, or the more familiar green, every pair of these is a individual and unique – no two are the same in any way!

It might be a mother board, a sound card – you just don't know… What you do know is that these will look great on and that you are doing your bit for the environment!

As well, these Cufflinks are designed and made right here in the UK, and support our local economy – a rarity in this day and age of mass market corporations and ‘Made in ‘China' Support the little people if you can we say!

In stunning packaging these would make a great gift for the men in your life!

Each pair of cufflinks comes in a beautifully presented lined box, and will make a great pressie for yourself or for someone else.


* Pair of cufflinks in green, red, blue or black ( your choice)
* Metal T-shaped jointed backing
* Size – 1.8cm x 1.8cm x 2.2cm (including backing)

Recycled Circuit Board cufflinks
Boys Stuff Price: £18.95

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