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Santa Yoda

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“Hmmmmm,  Christmas it is and silly are we!”  Someone once told me there was a Star Wars figurine for any occasion…I actually am starting to believe that George Lucas is as all-pervading as we once thought!

Introducing the perfect Chrissy decoration for the Star Wars geek in everyone  (c'mon you know it's in there somewhere).  For those of you who found Yoda to be a little on the freaky, small green man side…you might try and avert your eyes, but the Santa Yoda is just one of those things that you don't want to look at but ARGH…can't help yourself!!!  Go on,  let him freak you out.

Santa Yoda is inspired by the designs of early in early in-house Lucasfilm holiday card artwork by Ralph McQuarrie, Kurt Adler Inc.  and have now produced a new series of Star Wars figures as part of their Fabriche line of décor.  Produced in a trademarked fabric process that is very similar to paper mache, Yoda in Santa outfit is rendered with incredible detail and measures 6.5" tall.  Ok,  Ok so you don't want to know all the silly technical stuff all you need to know is that it's Yoda dressed as Santa and is an official LucasFilm collectable available right her at Boysstuff.com!

Santa Yoda
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