All Will Be Remembered.

Remember all those who have fallen in wars within these last hundred years
Leaving behind their loved ones to grieve and shed their heartbroken tears.
Many thousands buried in other countries and some without a known grave
Sacrificing their lives fighting for freedom so that our lives they could save.

Remember as you go about your daily routine what they all endured for you
And remember them all with pride in your heart in everything that you do.
Husbands, lovers, brothers, sons or uncle who lost his life in his freedom fight
They helped to quell the enemy and to bring the world hope and a ray of light.

So each and every one of them were heroes who are remembered on this day
And may the good Lord keep them in his care and help the sorrow go away.
I wear my poppy with pride as I remember all nations that fought and died
They took on a mammoth task of freedom for all from which they never shied.

My poppy is a token of my deepest respect for all who gave me a full life
As well as those who fought in other wars to stem any on growing strife.
YES  Iím very proud to wear my poppy on this special Remembrance Day
God Bless the souls of all who lost their lives in any world wide affray.

Copyright © - Maisie Walker 2003 - All rights reserved

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