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Bedside Booze

(Approx.  19.10 or $23.38)

Tap into your tipple with our Bedside Booze drink dispenser!

Ever felt like you just can get up without the hair of the dog in you? Tired but really need a drink?

Well, tap into your ‘medication' with our Bedside Booze set! This funny and slightly (in a good way) disturbing booze dispenser will have all your mates laughing while getting well and truly sozzled on the way!

Coming in full medical packaging, with all the bits looking like they have just come from the lab this set will cause laughs all round!


* Removable vinyl stickers for your glasses
* Rubber tubing
* Flow regulator
* Glass container
* Stainless steel stand
* Medical dispensing point

Bedside Booze
Boys Stuff Price: £12.99

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