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Review of Image2BBC on Acorn Electron World

This is actually an old review of one of the previous incarnations of my Image2BBC utility (a.k.a. BBC Micro Image Converter), but I thought that I would add it anyway. You can read the review here

If you are easily offended be warned that there are some nude pictures at the bottom of the review.

U3 Killer released

U3 Killer has been released for Windows 2000, XP and Vista platforms. This is a utility designed to kill the U3 software which can automatically run when a U3 smart flash drive is inserted and will remove files installed by the U3 software from the PC.

Please note that U3 Killer only kills the running U3 tasks. It does not uninstall the U3 software from the flash drive.

BBC Micro Image Converter released

BBC Micro Image Converter BETA has been released for Windows platform. This is a utility to convert BBC Micro screen dumps into BMP images.

AmigaOS Bootskin for Windows XP

Fed up with the standard Windows XP boot up screen? Why not try changing it for an AmigaOS one? Available in the Downloads section.