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New Track and Sheet Music Added

This piece was written as part of The Piano Cloud’s Twitter Challenge which was described as:

Simple challenge – compose a piece using no more than 140 notes…

No other rules… but your 140 notes must include any harmony notes, etc, and any sound effects, percussion or drum hits also each count as a note.

The sheet music can be downloaded from the documents section of this site.

Sheet Music Added: Good Night Little Star

I have made the sheet music for my piano piece “Good Night Little Star” available for download. You can find it under the Documents section of this site. This is a piece that was written for the first of The Piano Cloud’s “Wedding Challenges” (Something Old) where artists were invited to submit a brand new version of a piece of music by a composer who is dead. I chose to do mine based on the children’s lullaby “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.