Acorn Electron World Review Archive: IMAGE2BBC

Review of my Image2BBC utility (please note that this review contains material that some may find offensive).

Amiga Music Preservation – Dreamland Fantasy – Interview

An interview of me by Amiga Music Preservation from 2001.

ERS Buyers’ Guide 2012/2013: Respiratory Care Products

An article I was involved with which is related to my work.

Fit to fly: practical challenges in neonatal transfers by air

An article relating to my work where I received an acknowledgement.

Kecske Bak: BBC on the BBC

Me and my BBC Micro Image Converter gets a mention on the Kecske Bak blog.

Kecske Bak: Repton: The Lost Realms loading screen

Me and my BBC Micro Image Converter gets another mention on the Kecske Bak blog.

Kecske Bak: The Krystal Connection

Yet another mention about me and my BBC Micro Image Converter on the Kecske Bak blog.

Micro Mart Issue 1053: Retro Software Uncovered

I got a mention in an article in the magazine Micro Mart about Retro Software.

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