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BBC Micro Image Converter: Incorrect Version

The BBC Micro Image Converter download that should have been version 0.20 was incorrect and actually a duplicate of version 0.13. This has now been fixed and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

New Software Released: ImportTTX

ImportTTX is a utility that allows the conversion of BBC Micro Mode 7 screens to BMP, JPG and PNG images.

Although this version of ImportTTX has been released as a standalone product, it is part of the next version of Image2BBC which is currently under development.

New Versions of Colour Filter Test Tool Released

Colour Filter Test Tool, a tool for applying colour filters to images and photographs, has been updated to version 1.1 and released for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

Colour Filter Test Tool can be downloaded via the following links:

[Download not found]

[Download not found]

[Download not found]

[Download not found]

New Software Released: Colour Filter Test Tool

I recently made this small utility as a “proof-of-concept” for some image processing algorithms that I have been working on. Colour Filter Test Tool can apply various colour filters to photographs and other images.

Please note, as it was quickly written to be a “proof-of-concept”, it is not designed to be a complete product and will likely contain bugs, but it may have some use for some people.


New version of Stereogram Viewer released

Stereogram Viewer 0.3a has been released. Changes in this version:

  • Memory handling routines tweaked to prevent some anti-virus programs falsely detecting this software as malware