File shredding utility for AmigaOS 4.
AmigaOS 4.x
BBC Micro Image Converter
Utility for converting images to BBC Micro screen dumps.
Colour Filter Test Tool
A small program to apply various colour filters to photographs and other images.
Library for the Amiga version of PureBasic. Includes source code.
Utility to convert articles created for Andy Gibson’s Disk Magazine Creator (DMC Gold V3.0 only) into HTML.
Digital Media Sorter
Organise your digital photo and video files.
Image2BBC Gallery Disks
Disk images containing a collection of images converted from various modern formats to the BBC Micro.
ImportTTX (part of Image2BBC)
Utility for converting BBC Micro Mode 7 screens to BMP, JPG and PNG images.
Lotto Genie
Simple lottery number generator.
Reboot utility for AmigaOS 4. Includes source code.
Reboot utility for Amiga. Includes source code.
Stereogram Viewer
View the hidden images in stereograms.
U3 Killer
Utility to kill the U3 smart drive software if it is running and remove any installed files.


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