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Image2BBC on Facebook

A page for Image2BBC, the BBC Micro image conversion software, has recently been created on Facebook. For the latest news and updates, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Image2BBC.

New Software Released: Colour Filter Test Tool

I recently made this small utility as a “proof-of-concept” for some image processing algorithms that I have been working on. Colour Filter Test Tool can apply various colour filters to photographs and other images.

Please note, as it was quickly written to be a “proof-of-concept”, it is not designed to be a complete product and will likely contain bugs, but it may have some use for some people.


Article Added: BBC Micro Screen Formats Part 2

The second of my articles originally published by The Crypt Mag on BBC Micro screen formats, this time looking at the differences between the British and American versions of the computer, Mode 8 and shadow screens.

Article Added: BBC Micro Screen Formats

I have added an article on BBC Micro screen formats which was previously published in The Crypt Mag.