New sections added

A couple of new sections, Gallery and Auctions, have been added to the website.

OS4Reboot updated

OS4Reboot has been updated to version 0.7.1. This is a minor update with a few optimisations done to the code.

Clock animation updated

The clock 3D animation has been re-rendered and re-encoded to make it a smaller file.

New animation uploaded

A new animation of a 3D rendered clock has been uploaded.

Newer version of DMC-2-HTML uploaded

This is a previously unreleased version of DMC-2-HTML which has an improved conversion engine and also some bug fixes.

DMC-2-HTML is a utility that converts articles from Andy Gibson’s Disk Mag Creator into HTML files.

Please note that this utility are unsupported.

“New” files uploaded

Some of Dreamland Fantasy Studios’s older and some unreleased projects are currently being dusted off and any obsolete information updated with the intention of being uploaded to the Downloads section. The first batch of files uploaded are:

  • Reboot 2.1
  • Rolling Boing Ball MPEG animation

Please note that these files are unsupported.

Downloads section update

The Amiga Software section has been divided into software for classic Amigas and AmigaOS 4.

OS4Reboot updated

OS4Reboot has been updated to version 0.7.

New features added since previous release:

  • Added a DELAY icon tooltype to delay before rebooting
  • Added a BOOTMODE icon tooltype to allow for an immediate hard or soft reboot without a requester

Dreamland Fantasy Studios homepage gets a revamp

Welcome to the new look Dreamland Fantasy Studios homepage!

This website has been given a major overhaul to give it a much improved and more modern interface. Please note that this website is still a work in progress and there are some things still to be added in and tweaks to be made.

New PNG icon for OS4Reboot available from MasonIcons

Martin “Mason” Merz has announced that he has released a PNG icon for OS4Reboot. You can download it from the MasonIcons homepage.

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