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Download Links Working Again

The download links on this site are now functional again.

Download Links Currently Broken

This website was recently transferred to a new hosting server after experiencing some issues with the old server. Unfortunately, this switch has resulted in the download links becoming broken so there is no way at present to download any of the documents or software on the site. This issue should hopefully be resolved soon.

Issue with Posting Comments

It was just recently brought to my attention that some people were having difficulties posting comments to this site. Hopefully that issue has now been resolved, but if anyone is still having issues they can leave a message using the contact form.

Website is Back Online!

After a far too long period of time being down due to a corrupted database, my website is now back up and running. Yay! (^_^)

I have also taken the opportunity to revamp my website with a number of new features such as a new layout, contact form and on-the-fly language translation, but there are still a number of things missing. I will be gradually reintroducing them and also adding new things too.

Printer Friendly Option Added To Pages

At the top of each page there is now a ‘Print This Page’ option which will display a printer-friendly version of the page.

Normal service resumes

I was unable to resolve some of the remaining issues I had after my website was hacked so I ended up having to delete the whole WordPress installation and start again. I believe that everything is now back up and running and working the way it should do.

Website is now back up!

My website was hacked recently, but at least it is back up and running now. The majority of stuff should be functional, but I’m still cleaning up some of the mess that was left over and restoring some of the missing functionality. Apologies for any inconvenience.

New press link added and tidy up of article pages

Back in 2001 I was interviewed by Amiga Music Preservation. I’ve added a link to this interview under the Press page.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to tidy up the article pages so that they are easier to navigate.

New pictures added

I’ve added two new categories to the gallery section – paintings and humour. Some new pictures have been added in these categories.

Website overhauled and new video added

The website has seen a bit of an overhaul to hopefully make it easier to navigate and get access to things. New stuff includes embedded videos and easier image navigation in the gallery section.

I’ve also included the 2nd unfinished version of my Doctor Who Exhibition video.